Pre- & Post Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage

A specialized and relaxing procedure performed before and/or after surgery to reduce swelling, bruising and promote healing.

Micro Peel

A combination treatment of physical exfoliation of the skin called Dermaplaning, followed by a chemical exfoliation to increase cell turnover prior to having surgery. This treatment prepares the skin for surgery and is also a great anti-aging treatment. In just 30 minutes, you will have softer, brighter skin and less facial hair!


Supplements for healthy skin and anti-aging in every stage of your life. Vita-Medica Surgery Program is a nutritional supplement system to support healing, improve safety and optimize surgery.

  • Anti-Aging Formula -This three in one product combines our top selling multi-vitamin and mineral, organic flax seed oil and phytonutrient supplements. A great choice if transitioning from the Recovery Products, to maintain surgical results and enhances long-term health and wellness. These use divided dosing, or chronotherapy, ensures optimal absorption and assimilation of water-soluble vitamins.

  • Energy Support with B-Complex and Bone Support with Cal-Mag-D Complex: These are great for A.M. and P.M. use that covers all your multi-vitamin needs. The Energy support for the day and the Bone Support during the evening.

  • Clear Skin Formula: Indicated for patients with mild to moderate acne plus dry/sensitive skin, aged 12 years or older. Provides internal skin care by enhancing the body’s natural systems for repairing, cleansing, and healing. Perfect for the patient on drying acne medication to reduce acne and maintain the water balance in the dermis without promoting or irritating oily skin.

  • Recovery Support Program: A comprehensive Nutritional Program to support healing after surgery, injury, or trauma. For clinical support take up to two weeks prior to scheduled surgery and for at least two weeks post-operatively or four weeks post-trauma.

  • Arnica Montana 30X: a Homeopatic Medicine to reduce bruising, swelling and pain from soft tissue injury.
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