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How to Survive Winter With Flawless Skin by Cindy Steele

Jan 26

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Your skin is your largest organ and at this time of year it still needs protection from harmful UV rays. Yes, the sun is farther away but we are still subjected to environmental ultra violet rays. Continue to daily wear an antioxidant, moisture and SPF of at least 30, because 72,000 times a day, free radicals attack your skin, and if you aren't wearing an antioxidant, you are more at risk for premature aging, skin cancer, sagging and wrinkles.

Staff favorites: C E Ferulic and Resveratrol BE by SkinCeuticals for antioxidants


The Rule of Two:

If you are in direct sunlight, apply sunscreen every two hours. When you are just in the office or running errands, apply two times daily. Newer mineral powders have sunscreen in them and are a handier way to reapply when on the run.

Staff favorite: Pure Pressed Mineral Powder by Jane Iredale


Makeup Mythbuster: 

Today's shimmery eye shadows don't make you look more wrinkled, they actually have light diffusers incorporated into them to soften the look of lines. A matte eye shadow, however, can make the delicate skin around your eyes look flat or dry.


Winter Musts:

  • Your body at this time of year may feel taught, flaky and dry. Body scrubs and shaving are forms of exfoliation, which de-crust the dead cuticle we all get. 
  • Try not taking such a hot shower or bath. Lightly towel off, leaving your skin slightly damp, and apply a body oil or rich cream to seal in the moisture. 
  • During this time of drier air, try sleeping with a cool air humidifier in your bedroom.


Bonus Tip:

With the sun farther away, this time of year is the best opportunity to get body treatments like laser hair removal, cellulite reduction and sublative facial rejuvenation.

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