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For anyone who has ever had a sunburn, we all know how miserable and uncomfortable they can be. As Theraderm so accurately put in their July newsletter, sunburns "cause your skin to become increasingly sensitive and can often cause your skin to peel." Luckily, there are products that help relieve the irritating symptoms that come with sunburns. According to Theraderm, "Theraderm Fruid Acid helps redirect the external energy from the sun at the cellular level and converts it to stored chemical energy instead of creating damaging free radicals. This means damage from the sun is stopped before more harm can occur." If the unfortunate occurrence of a sunburn does happen, why not stop any further damage from taking place by applying Theraderm Fruit Acid?!

Not only does Theraderm explain how great its Fruit Acid is with sunburns, it claims to be "excellent" with insect bites. Mosquitos and other insects bites are rampant in the summer and irritating is an understatement for how miserable they can be. In Theraderm's July newsletter they explain the "Itching from insect bites is caused by the release of irritating histamine from the cells' response in our immune systems. Antihistamines are effective at neutralizing this discomfort. However, Theraderm Fruit Acid can also be used on insect bites to provide excellent relief." 

Call today to find out more information about Theraderm Fruit Acid if you are interested! 

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