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Important Ingredient in your Sunscreen

May 20

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According to Michelle Bechtold, National Skincare Trainer with Therapon, the best way to avoid a sunburn is to know adequate sun protection products. The sun protection factor (SPF, number on the front of sunscreen) is important but not as important as the actual ingredients listed on the back of the product. Look for something that is going to be protecting you from both the UVA and UVB rays.

One of the best blocks, ingredient wise, is Zinc Oxide because it is able to guard the UVA rays of the sun. The nice thing about Zinc Oxide is it is a mineral that is too large to fit in skin so it lies on the surface of the skin. It lies on the skin like tiny mirrors which reflect the sun off the skin. 

With Zinc Oxide, there is no worry that you are using a chemical blocker that actually has to absorb into the skin to block the sun’s rays. Chemical blockers can sometimes make you experience a little more sensitivity so it is good to look for Zinc Oxide in your ingredients.  You want to look for over 5% of Zinc Oxide in your sunscreen. Most companies are proud to put the percentage of it on their product, so look for 7% or 8% or even 10%. Again, this is one of the best ingredients to guard you from UVA damage!! 

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