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My CoolSculpting Experience: Part 2

Mar 18

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Day 3: The third day after the procedure was probably the hardest for me. I was sore, swollen, numb in some places, but only had minimal bruising. I was mainly bruised on the sides of my lower stomach, where the end of the applicator had been during the procedure. 

Day 4: On the fourth day the swelling had gone down slightly. I was still pretty numb but only in certain areas really. I think the sides of my stomach where the end of the applicator had been were the most numb.

Day 5: On the fifth day I was just swollen. 

Day 6: On the sixth day I was still sore and starting feeling a little tingling sensation in certain places where the Coolsculpting was done. It was not painful in the least bit, just different. I never had cramping (thankfully).

Day 7: A week after the procedure, the bruising was gone, the soreness had completely subsided, and I was completely back to normal besides MINOR swelling.

The consent form for Zeltiq explains that “a single procedure provides a noticeable, measurable fat reduction (22.2%) in most patients in two to six months.” Seeing as I only had mine done a couple weeks ago, I am not sure how dramatic my results will be but I am totally optimistic! The procedure has also been an incentive for me to watch what I eat and keep up my work out routine! Obviously the better you treat your body, the better the procedure will respond to it!

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