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Mar 12

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I had the pleasure of being the demonstration selectee for Advanced Aesthetics of AR’s Coolsculpting Event a little over 2 weeks ago. Here is a day by day account of my experience with CoolSculpting which I am thrilled to share with you. I hope this answers your questions and calms any concerns about this innovative fat reducing treatment that you might have.

Day 1: I was pretty nervous about this treatment, not only because I didn’t know what to expect, but because I had all eyes on me! I soon learned that my concerns were unjustified. I dressed comfortably for the treatment then changed into a robe as soon as I got there so the aestheticians could weigh, measure, and mark me to target my exact problem area (which was my lower abdomen). Then, after applying the cold “gel pad” to the area, the vacuum was turned on, the applicator was applied and WOW, my fat was sucked right into that applicator cup. It was a little jarring at first, but I wouldn’t call it painful at all. Just surprising. After the cooling was turned on, I was numb within 5 minutes. I checked my email, read a magazine, and just relaxed for the duration of the treatment. 

Actual day of the procedure I literally went straight back to work. I stayed numb the entire day but had no pain. I went on a walk after work because the aestheticians advised me to keep up my exercise routine. I had no pain the entire day of the procedure.

Day 2: I was still numb pretty much the entire next day after the procedure and my stomach did become a little sore towards the time I went to bed. I was more swollen as well. I went on a walk again the second day.

I will post another blog about the rest of first CoolSculpting week. Be sure to check out the new blog on Friday!

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