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Advanced Aesthetics-AR launches 3 new chemical peels – beautification for eyes, lips, neck, chest, and hands. Love your skin on Valentine’s Day and schedule a Peel!

Feb 13

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Peels are often a great way to improve your skin's condition. Chemical peels have become safer, more effective, and less expensive, so they’re an excellent solution to solve many skin beautification issues. If you are concerned with your brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, or just want to improve the overall tone and texture of your skin, then consider the chemical peel.

But make sure you do your research first! Not all peels are created equal. Be sure to first schedule a consultation with a licensed, medical Aesthetician (with an in-house physician) to review any concerns and expectations. Advanced Aesthetics-AR offers licensed, medical Aestheticians and an in-house physician to help you to make an informed and safe specialty skin care decision to enjoy great results of your beauty enhancement.

Typically, these peels may be purchased as singles or in packages of four (recommended for best results, along with four treatments every two weeks). Something to understand: you’ll need just a bit of patience for this new peel, but we think you’ll find that the skin care improvements will be worth it. The procedure should take around 30 to 45 minutes, depending upon the peel you are having and the number of layers applied. During the procedure, it is possible to experience a mild tingling, itching and heat sensation. These are completely normal and are only temporary. Upon neutralization, if you follow post-care procedures, you will begin to experience the benefits of the peel.

Afterward, every peel will cause some degree of flaking or peeling with varying amounts of redness post-procedure. The degree of flaking and redness is dependent upon the acid strength, type, and your personal skin type. The day after your procedure you could start to feel tightness. During the next 7-14 days, flaking and/or peeling could occur. (But if you do not experience any flaking or peeling, that doesn’t mean that you will not achieve the optimal results!) All peels will create sensitivity to heat and sun for several days post-peel. For chemical peels, consultations are required.

After the procedure, it is critical to the success of the peel that you comply with all post-procedure care requirements.

Give yourself a Valentine’s gift and schedule your new Peel now with Advanced Aesthetics-AR!

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